Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lots of new photos!

It's been a while since I've had a chance to make an update here - I'll post some actual content in a little while, but for the moment, here are a bunch of photos from the last few weeks. I think the cherry tree in front of the Scheans household is especially impressive, as is the depth of the snow at Crater Lake in the middle of April!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It occurred to me earlier today that while pretty much everyone reading this blog will know both Eden and I, very few have had the opportunity to meet everyone in our current household, since we're now living in Washington. Accordingly, here are a few mugshots.

The Scheans House
The actual Scheans/Nichols house.

Suzanne and Jon
Our gracious and kind hosts, Suzanne Scheans (aka "The Steamfitter Princess", a leader in the pipefitting community and longstanding member of UA 290) and Jon Nichols (aka "Nichols!", a representative for Icynene and co-owner of Bold Venture) As part of their wedding present to us, they're letting us stay with them in the downstairs level until I head off to college again this fall, which should provide substantial savings on rent, etc.

Nick and Cassie
Jon's daughter, Cassie and her boyfriend Nick. They're both sailors, currently down in California, and live intermittently upstairs between ships.

Fizgig the poodle, the final member of the upstairs crew.

Luna (aka "Tuna", "Tuna-face", "Face") - Eden's original cat, and the alpha of the pack. Definately a one woman cat and a little touchy, but she's warmed to me fractionally every year I've known her.

Mei Mei
Mei Mei (aka "Little Sis", "Maims") - Eden's other cat, picked up between the times when Eden and I have lived together as a companion for Luna. She's always been a little feral and shy of humans since an accident in kittenhood left her hanging by one pinned paw for an unknown length of time. Lately though, she's gotten almost cuddly. It's a nice change.

Piranha (aka "P-town") - my surviving cat from my time in Japan, a genuine Japanese bobtail. His original name was actually Valentino, but escapades from before he was fixed led to a name change. Now he's a friendly old thing, and performs admirably as a nurse cat whenever someone doesn't feel well.

Michael (aka "Mikey", "Mikey-pants", "Pants", "Fuji-Nose") - One of the two kittens that Suzanne bought me for my last birthday as companions for Piranha. Extremely playful and fluffy, but not always the brightest.

Amber (aka "Amby-Pamby", "Kittler") - Remember that kid in school who spiked a growth spurt when they were like 6? That's Amber. She grew like crazy and just couldn't seem to get used to her body, leading to some pretty clumsy behavior. These days she's just very.... sturdy. Not fat, you understand, but DENSE. The Kittler moniker comes from when we were first introducing the households - she decided that the bed was a place for purebreds and that only white and black cats could be there. Piranha apparently squeeked by as a half-breed, but Mei Mei was out. Now they get along fine, of course, and it's fights between Piranha and Mei Mei that we hear. Go figure.